The Rule of Law Foundation developed and implemented the Naame Shaam campaign.
The campaign was launched in February 2014 and folded in May 2016.


Naame Shaam, which means "letter from Syria" in Persian, focused on the Iranian regime’s role in Syria. It was a group of secular and progressive Syrian, Lebanese and Iranian activists and citizen-journalists.


Photo, 23.4.2015:  A Naame Shaam representative handed to the Office of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor in The Hague a new entitled “Silent Sectarian Cleansing: Iranian Role in Mass Demolitions and Population Transfers in Syria.” The Naame Shaam report focuses on two specific war crimes and crimes against humanity committed repeatedly in certain parts of Syria since March 2011, namely the unlawful destruction and appropriation of civilian property and the forcible displacement and transfer of civilian population. 


These two types of international crimes constitute what appears to be a state policy of sectarian cleansing. The result has changed both the political alliances and the demographic composition of these areas in Syria. Naame Shaam urged the ICC Prosecutor to initiate an investigation into these crimes of her own initiative (proprio motu), on the basis of Naame Shaam’s report and other available relevant information. See: